There are makeup artists and then there is Ulla.

Her initial training took over 4 years and included almost 2 years of internships. She has learnt from some of the best in the industry including Barbie Burrows and Joe Blasco. In fact she was so skillful at her craft she was invited to teach at Kauneudenhoitoalan Oppilaitos in Helsinki, Finland and Salford College in Manchester, U.K.

Besides her extensive experience on TV and film sets, Ulla has been featured in such magazines as "Make-Up Artist" (cover pictured), "Life & Style Weekly", "Amex Essentials" and several other publications.

Ulla is very experienced in all aspects of set work and fully understands the responsibilities that come from working in conjunction with different departments and she puts everyone she meets at ease with her genuine warmth, thoughtfulness and kindness.


When most people refer to general makeup artists they are actually referring to beauty advisors, not makeup artists. Beauty advisors are people who work at makeup counters and do not have makeup certifications but are trained by the counter on how to use and sell their specific products.

Ulla believes one can never be finished with education when it comes to makeup. Besides techniques and products, her initial training included anatomy, chemistry, history and prosthetic makeup from molding to finished product. Even after 20+ years in the film industry, she takes continuing education classes regularly.

Ulla's creative edge comes from her knowledge of not only makeup but hairstyling too. Why not do it all, and why not do it well?


In her native Finland, the rules of hair and makeup department differ greatly from IATSE. Because of the in depth training readily available, anyone working in the film/ TV/ theater aspect of profession is required to possess not only makeup skills but also be fully trained as a hairstylist.

Ulla is very skilled in all aspects of hairstyling: color, cuts and styling. She keeps up with trends and new techniques by regularly attending courses.


Ventilating is a skill that anyone can learn, but it takes special character to have the tenacity and patience to create a full lace wig from scratch.

Ulla is a highly trained wig master, with passion to create the most beautiful wigs available. She has been featured for her special skill in makeup artists' professional publication "Makeup Artist Magazine".

Ulla can handle any of your full lace or lace front wig needs, whether it's a special order wig or simply a repair.

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