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Ulla Gaudin

As a professional make-up artist / hair stylist Ulla has contributed to many successful international stage, film, and television productions, and her expertise includes skincare, prosthetic make-up and wig-making.

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What I believe in

Some people are born singers or salespeople. I was born a makeup artist and stylist. Before I could tie my shoes, I was coloring my dolls’ faces with Sharpies, cutting their hair or sewing pieces for their next fashion show.

Despite some raised eyebrows and “That’s not a real career” from the people closest to me, I decided to follow my heart and went through a rigorous 4-year degree program and internships at Cosmetology School in my native Finland. I was living my early childhood dream!

After working years in TV, film and theater in Finland, and a few years stint in England, I moved to U.S (to Hawaii to Florida to Louisiana… yep, I lived in New Orleans during Katrina). I have kept my passion alive and have now worked with big names and big brands in the film and commercial industry for over 20 years.

I love being part of the "magic" whether it's for a movie, commercial or a printed image. I strongly believe we are better together, all working for the same end result. Being courteous and pleasant towards your fellow crew members is the number one rule I live by.

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