My answer is still NO, there won’t be any makeup tutorials on my website or blog!

I’m sure you are wondering why I wouldn’t include tutorials. I sometimes wonder the same thing… But that would be an easy way out, and I don’t like easy. Or I do, but when it comes to making a living and helping fellow artists, there’s no way in hell I’d take the highway.

I want you to learn EXACTLY what to do so you’ll have enough experience and confidence to hop on the movie train.

I want you to learn EXACTLY how to create a budget-friendly kit that will grow with you as you grow as an artist.

I want you to learn EXACTLY how to approach producers, managers, whoever it is that you want to work with so you will get the jobs you have only dreamt about. Until now.

I want you to learn EXACTLY how to create a business plan and budget for the future so you can make bank!

None of that sounds easy, does it? If you are like 99% of makeup artists, you have never even thought about any of the above. You thought creating pretty faces was all you needed to worry about…

Well, let me tell you the truth about makeup artists:
They  are notoriously bad at business and money.

You might feel pissed off and be yelling at the guide with names of super successful YouTubers or Instagram influencers right about now, but don’t shoot the messenger. Besides, those tubers and influencers are a drop in the ocean. I’m not saying you can’t do it, because I believe anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it, but that is not the easiest way to riches. Nor the most profitable way either!

I’ve been working in the film industry for over 20 years. Would you like to guess how many makeup artists I have seen rise and fall?

An average monthly paycheck in the film industry for our department is around $10,000 before taxes. Sounds fab, doesn’t it? And yet, I hear month after month from the fellow makeup artists that they’re broke. HOW is that possible? (If you didn’t guess, the short answer is “makeup artists are notoriously bad at business and money”).

And this is not limited to makeup artists in film. Although that’s where the big bucks live…

The average hourly salary for a beauty advisor is $10/h. Have you ever heard of anyone staying in that job until they retire?

An average value of a professional bridal makeup artist’s kit is about $3,500.
The makeup course costs about the same or more. Yet she’s doing makeup for $40/ face. Quick math quiz here; how many faces does she have to do to break even?

I know your brain left me at “math quiz” so here’s the problem solved for you:

7,000/ 40 = 175
175 faces… if she’s super fast, it’ll take 30 mins per face.
175 x 0.5h = 87.5 hours

Almost 88 hrs of work with NO profit, no breaks and nothing to show for it. Not to mention you’re not getting hourly pay for those hours… and wait! There’s more! Now that you’ve completed 175 makeovers, those precious products you so proudly purchased for your kit are pretty much gone. But you didn’t actually make any money, how do you replenish them? No money = no makeup. No makeup = no work. No work = no money. What a hamster wheel from hell!

No? Good, keep on reading the rest of my bloggety blog blog blog posts.

P.S I hope this is not too soon, but I think I love you…

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